106th Annual Stevensville Creamery Picnic


August 3-4, 2018

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BBQ Championship
Steve Puppe
406-360-4281 ~ email: stevepuppe1@aol.com

Ken Scrivner
406-360-4233 ~ email: forbygrcken@gmail.com

Sherry Haacke
406-493-7972 ~ shaacke67@msn.com

Grand Parade
Joan Prather (406) 531-8401

Tonya Eckert
406-239-9431~ tonyaconrad@msn.com

Milk Run
Michael Sharkey
Kiddie Parade
Kim French
Kidz Zone
Jessica Wedel
Garden Party
Dale Burke
406- 777-2729



CIVIC CLUB ACCOMPLISHMENTS / Where Creamery Picnic Money Goes
*Put on Creamery Picnic Event every year.* To help fund the following:
1948--Francis and Bob Brown were some of the leaders in starting the Civic Club.
1952--Swimming Pool --CC organized the group that started the plans for the swimming Pool. 
1950’s -- Creamery Picnic -- Taken over by CC in the fifties.   Previously had been managed by a local group of businesses and volunteers.
Fort Owen State Monument --worked with State on restoration with State Agencies.
1962 -- State Territorial Centennial Celebration --  worked with U of M graduate to draft and create a community pageant.
1990 -- Planter boxes on Main Street built and watered by CC.
                Bought and maintained benches on Main Street
                Organizes annual Garden Party to honor Stevensville’s citizens.
                Planned, obtained grants and provided volunteers to build the River Trail.
                Organized the Stevensville Foundation, a 501 3 (c) group to raise funds
                for potential civic projects.
1991 -- Pignic on 4th of July - Sponsored by the CC - other groups help.
                Roadside Kiosks along Highway 93,  built and maintained by CC
                Small roadside park at SE side of bridge (has since been removed).
1992 -- Creamery Garden Park. CC raised the money to buy the lot for the town and also to landscape it.  Also Commissioned a study of Stevensville’s historic homes.
1994 -- River Park.  CC convinced the Town Council not to sell the land, turn it into a quiet use park.   CC paid for improvements.  Eagle Scouts built shelter and sign.
1996 -- Walkable Communities Project, resulted in extension of River Trail to Highway, Main Street Association,  Memorial Trees along River Trail and other amenities.
2001 - 2002 --  New Shelters at Lewis & Clark Park and Renovation
2002 -- Sidewalk Replacement Study
2014 – Gave Bear Mountain Playground $7,500 to build structure
2015 – Gave Stevensville Skate Park $1,000 to build Skate Park.
2016 - New Christmas Lights for Main St
Not sure of dates on the following:
Soccer Field Fundraiser.
Civic Club has contributed to many groups, such :
Boy Scouts
Highway 93 improvement (Civic Club committee along with Darlene Grove)
Bought Christmas lights across Main Street
Pantry Partners – Upon Request
Toys for Tots – Upon Request
Stevensville Museum
Move of Creamery Picnic to Lewis and Clark Park (along with park upgrades – electricity, etc.)
Basketball courts at Park 
Purple and yellow play structure in Lewis and Clark Park now at Father Ravalli Park
River trail
Yearly Donations:
Community Clean-Up Day (Yearly)
Girls and Boy’s State (Yearly)
American Legion (yearly)
Community Garden (yearly)
Hang Christmas lights across Main Street & take down (Yearly) (With the help of the Fire Dept)
Share Tree – (Yearly)
Put on 4th of July Pignic, provide meat, drinks, plates, napkins, utensils, etc. (Yearly)
Parade of Lights during Christmas First Friday in December along with wagon rides  (Yearly)


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